In 2007 the Irish Association of Myopractic Therapists (M.T.A.O.I.) was established as the Professional Body ensuring excellence in the field of musculoskeletal health. The M.T.A.O.I represents its members who practice Myopractic Therapy throughout Ireland. In 2005 demand was growing for a whole-body, hands-on and natural approach in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. To meet this demand, the Institute of myopractic Therapy & Applied Science was founded, becoming the first and only school of myopractic  Therapy at that time, in Ireland. Since then and in conjunction with leading  American and Australian schools, the Institute of Myopractic Therapy and Applied Science has pioneered a diploma course degree. The Institute is unique in Ireland and provides a competency-based education and practical training in a working clinic alongside theoretical instruction.  Myopractic Therapy as practiced by its members has developed over the past 30 years as a separate and distinct form of assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders.   Philosophy of the M.T.A.O.I The Myopractic Therapist registered with the M.T.A.O.I follows the philosophy of the profession:

  • M.T.A.O.I. members offer a patient centred approach which forms the core of the Myopractic Therapy healthcare model.

  • The integrity of our patients which includes their wellbeing and wishes are of upmost importance at all times.

  • M.T.A.O.I. members are at all times aware of and acknowledge the role of the medical profession in the care of the individual.

  • M,T.A.O.I. members acknowledge the individual’s own physiological healing capabilities and intervenes to stimulate and enhance this process.

  • Myopractic Therapy values the benefits of a whole body, hands-on and natural approach in its musculoskeletal assessment and treatment.

  • The use of palpatory skills is an integral part of Myopractic Therapy.

  • Myopractic Therapy incorporates the best of scientific assessment techniques and utilitises a wide variety of therapeutic manual (soft tissue and articular) techniques consistent with the highest international standards from leading   American and Australian, and Canadian schools.

  • Patient education and awareness of his / her musculoskeletal dysfunction, and an understanding of its development and prevention, is a vital part of Myopractic members approach.

  • Myopractic Therapy involves the critical evaluation of a treatment approach and the ability to select and modify therapeutic interventions as to meet the changing needs of the individual.

  • Injury prevention is a vital concept within Myopractic Therapy.

  • One of the greatest claims of the Myopractic Therapist is that they are trained to evaluate a patient in a walking, standing and lying positions without any input from the patient or X – rays.

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