The society was founded in 2007 following a number of developments in the profession including the establishment of a myopractic institute diploma qualification.

Over the years there has been an increasing public demand for the services of the profession and it is the role of the Society to ensure that this demand is met by the highest standards of care.


The myopractic association will be a powerful, unified national representative body respected and recognised both within and outside the profession, as the voice of myopractic therapists in Ireland. 

Mission Statement

The association of myopractors advocates for the provision of a person-centred quality service that is accessible, AFFORDABLE effective, humanitarian, and advances health and social gain. We promote the profession, represent our members and support them in delivering the highest standards of professional care.

Our Logo

The logo represents the international medical principals. The hands symbolise the manual skills that distinguish myopractic therapists from other medical professionals. The healing hands of the practitioner. The book represents, Myopractic professionals understand the need for continuing education for the public and ourselves.
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